Enough Already! Journey Toward the Heart of God

August 9, 2017

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Time to say "Enough Already!" Through Christ, you are enough, sister! This archived post was my final post on Missylaneous Me and shares a little about my journey to enough-ness. I pray you will believe you are enough already!


Not Enough…

Is there anyone else out there who feels as if you are never enough?  Not pretty enough.  Not athletic enough.  Not thin enough.  Not smart enough.  Not old enough.  Not young enough.  Not funny enough.  Not outgoing enough…

You get the picture.

I have spent a lifetime in this state of “un-enoughness,” and I’m fed up with it!  I invite you to join me and, on the count of three, we can all yell, “ENOUGH ALREADY!”






Doesn’t that feel better?

You are enough already!

I am enough already!

We’ve had enough already!

Enough of listening to the enemy whisper those vicious lies into our ears about how we can never be enough.  Because you know what the Truth is?

We. Are. Not. ENOUGH!

Not alone, anyway.

God knew this, though, and He never intended for us to stay that way.  He made a way through Jesus so we can be enough.  The choice is ours, though.  If we choose Jesus, we are made complete in Him.  If we deny Him…we will never know enoughness.

Giant Leaps

In July, I made a giant leap in the journey toward the “great-big-only-God-can-do-this dream” of becoming a writer when I attended the She Speaks 2017 conference in Conrad, NC.  There were a lot of aspects of that trip that qualified it as a “giant leap.”

  • I flew solo for the first time ever. (Calm down, now!  I flew commercially.  I don’t want to make you think I’ve gone all Amelia Earhart on you!)
  • I attended a conference with more than 700 women without knowing a single other soul.  Of course, that changed immediately after I got there!

    Meet Rachel and Heather, the first of many new friends I met at She Speaks 2017!

  • I willingly networked with other humans for two solid days. (Quite a feat for this extroverted introvert.)
  • I met with three publishers and spoke POSITIVELY about myself and my ideas.

That last thing was probably the biggest leap of all.  After spending a lifetime of self-deprecation when asked to describe myself, I finally decided to speak about myself as if I were…well, who I am. I’m the daughter of the King.  I am His beloved.  His servant.  He CHOSE me and set me aside for such a time as this!

Circus Dropout

For whatever reasons, I have spent a lifetime of feeling the need to perform in order to gain people’s approval.  Sometimes, I feel like a sad clown whose desires to please the crowd know no bounds, no matter the cost to herself.

After several months of counseling, I have learned that this is deeply rooted in my childhood.  There will be plenty written about that in the future, but for now, let’s just suffice it to say that I’ve washed off the clown makeup and ditched the big shoes. (Metaphorically speaking, of course.  I still wear a size 10.)

I don’t have to perform in order to gain approval from the One who truly matters, and I’m kinda done with it altogether.  That’s super tough for an approval addict like me, but ENOUGH ALREADY!

I am enough.

Get Ready for Something New!

So, this is about to happen.  I love Missylaneous Me.  It’s fun and still describes me, but it almost feels like my clown name.  I believe God wants me to truly embrace who I really am.

Missy. Lewis.

Now, I’m not gonna lie, y’all.  That thought kind of terrifies me.  I don’t know if I feel comfortable lowering my shield of self-directed sarcastic jokes.  What if you see who I really am and don’t like me?

I guess the answer to that is “so what?”  Would it kill me if all the world wasn’t in love with me?  I sure hope not because the truth is the whole world is not in love with me!  But that’s ok, right?  Not even Jesus Christ is loved by the entire world, but He doesn’t let that stop Him from being real and Himself.

Introducing Missy Lewis – Enough Already!

In September, I will launch a brand-new website and blog called “Missy Lewis.  Enough Already!”  I invite you to join me on this journey toward this new thing the Lord is calling me to.

This new place will be one in which all who visit are encouraged, inspired, uplifted.  You’ll still find quirky, eclectic Missylaneous Me, but I hope you will see me as I am.

Beautifully broken.

Growing in grace.

Enough Already!

Forwarding Address

Y’all know I’m married to the Mailman.  Anytime someone moves, they are supposed to leave a forwarding address, so I suppose the same is true with me in this move.

My new website will be at www.themissylewis.com. (Patience, ladies!  This techno-challenged midlifer is still trying to figure it out, so it’s not quite ready yet.) But you can follow my progress and watch for giveaways and updates on my Facebook page.  Trust me, friends!  Y’all want to be in on those giveaways!

This is NOT Good-bye

Although this might be my final post in Missylaneous Me (but maybe not), it is NOT good-bye.  I’m looking forward to sharing what the Lord is doing around me and hearing what He is doing in each of your lives in my new home.

I pray you will walk this out with me.  Let’s stay connected.  I believe God’s got some really great things in store for us!

Blessings, beloved!



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