Laughing at the Days to Come!


Aging With Grace

My grandma always said, “Getting old is for the birds,” but I believe it can be fantastic! And fun! And hilarious!

Growing older offers us so many beautiful gifts – wisdom, grandchildren, AARP discounts.  Of course, there are some not-so-beautiful things as well – chin whiskers, pesky gray hairs, and achy joints, but let’s not focus on those!

This space is where we learn to laugh at the days to come and rejoice in the beauty of time as we discover how to age with grace!

Sweet Nothings: Overcoming My Sugar Addiction…again

{my name is missy, and i’m a sugar addict} Sugar. It is quite possible that sugar is the single most addictive substance on planet Earth. It is certainly my drug of choice. Sugar is a socially acceptable drug. It is a welcome and expected guest at all birthday parties, arriving dressed as cupcakes with fluffy buttercream…

The Big 5-Oh! Fifty years of Missylaneous Me

The Big 5-oh! Well, this just happened… FIFTY! They say “it’s the new 30.”  Is it?  I think not.  Fifty is the new FABULOUS!  Fifty is its own brand of wonderful, and I am thrilled to begin this adventure! Fabulous Fifty What is so fabulous about fifty, anyway?  I remember a time in my life when…