Discover Your Enoughness!


Enough Already

Do you ever feel like you are constantly being measured against a set of crazy, unattainable standards? Well, princess, it’s time to toss aside your measuring stick and declare I AM ENOUGH ALREADY!

You were created precisely as you are by a God who does not measure you against the world’s standards. He made your heart, your spirit. You are fearfully and wonderfully made!

In this space, you will be empowered and encouraged to embrace the uniquely beautiful creature you are and learn to delight in knowing you are enough already!

Running into the Arms of Love

God has wooed me and woos every one of us, but will not force himself upon us. God is a good, good Father!  It is often difficult for us to understand what that looks like based upon our experiences with earthly fathers.  If you have been hurt, abandoned, neglected, abused by a father figure in your life, you may not feel you can trust God with your heart. I’m here to tell you, beloved, how you can trust him.

THE Missy Lewis

As the often quoted line from Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” says, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Basically what the heroin was trying to say is that our names don’t really make us who we are. But don’t they?
We are identified by our names, but the only name that really matters is the one we are given by our Father. Read about the journey from “Missylaneous Me” to “THE Missy Lewis.”

Enough Already! Journey Toward the Heart of God

Time to say “Enough Already!” Through Christ, you are enough, sister! This archived post was my final post on Missylaneous Me and shares a little about my journey to enough-ness. I pray you will believe you are enough already!

Rejection: Facing the Giant through the Lens of an Approval Addict

Rejection. The mere mention of the word makes me shudder as it stirs up so many ugly memories. The enemy delights in stirring up fear of rejection in our hearts as we strive to chase the dreams God has placed in our hearts. But we don’t have to receive it!
Perhaps the greatest “rejection” of all was when Jesus bore all the sin of the world. Don’t think for a minute the devil didn’t try to keep Him from fulfilling His destiny, either! In spite of the rejection Jesus faced, he carried the weight of our sin up that dusty road to Calvary and sacrificed it all, knowing many would continue to deny Him.
God wants you to walk the road He has set you upon in order to carry out your destiny. Are you willing to follow Him?

Christmas Just Snuck Up On Me…

“Christmas snuck up on me again!”  How is it that this phrase even exists?  I have heard it announced more times than I can count, having muttered it myself year after year. Christmas is December 25.  Every! Single! Year! But for some mysterious reason, I find myself in the same predicament each year…freaking out because…

Shut Up, Fat Girl! (Overcoming a Negative Self-Image)


Who is that Fat Girl? Would someone please shut that fat girl up?!?  She has been harassing me since I was in the seventh grade, and I’m freaking sick of it!  I NEVER hear anything positive come out of her mouth!  The only thing she’s good at is making me feel bad about myself!  It’s time…

Confessions of a Rainbow Unicorn

Upgrading! It thrills me to present to you, BOTH of my loyal blog followers, the Missylaneous Me website!  Although I have been sporadically blogging for a few years now, I recently decided to take the plunge and purchase a domain, my own little piece of the interweb!  You might say that I had previously rented my…