Rejection: Facing the Giant through the Lens of an Approval Addict

April 14, 2017


Rejection. The mere mention of the word makes me shudder as it stirs up so many ugly memories. The enemy delights in stirring up fear of rejection in our hearts as we strive to chase the dreams God has placed in our hearts. But we don't have to receive it! Perhaps the greatest "rejection" of



I shudder at the mere sight or speaking of that word!  Rejection.  Root word:  reject.  As a verb it means:

1.  to refuse to have, take, recognize, etc.
2. to refuse to accept (someone or something); rebuff.
3. to discard as useless or unsatisfactory.
4. to cast out or off.
As a noun: something or someone rejected, as imperfect.
(Full definition here.)
Such an ugly word!  These nine innocent letters, arranged in precisely this manner, have been the driving force behind my lifetime of approval-seeking behavior.  The root cause of my fear.  That very fear of rejection is the main reason I have not yet stepped out in faith to chase the big dream I wrote about not long ago.
I am paralyzed by the fear of rejection.  “What if I go through all the trouble of writing a book, and no publisher likes it?”  “What if nobody wants to read it?”
As I worked through this long list of what ifs excuses yesterday, I was challenged to consider what God’s Word says about rejection.  I gave all the best Sunday school answers…but this morning, I was able to see beyond that and into what true rejection looks like.

Good Friday

As I sat on the back porch having my coffee this morning, I read through my daily Bible reading.  I’ve always wanted to read through the Bible, but never really stuck to any plan.  Recently, I discovered and downloaded the She Reads Truth app, and they have this fantastic Bible reading plan!  So, I started it.

This morning, I was reading two days’ worth (ok, I’m only 4 days in and was already a day behind, but… GRACE!).  Part of the reading was in Mark 9 and 10, in the days leading up to Jesus’ betrayal, death, and resurrection.  I felt led to read further, into chapter 15, on the day Jesus died.  Isn’t that just SO God?  Leading me there?  It’s as if He were saying, “My daughter, this is what true rejection looks like.”

In my journal, I wrote, “I think about the suffering of Jesus as we observe the day He was crucified.  I consider His broken, beaten body as He stood before His people, rejected, sold out.  They shouted, “Crucify him!” choosing the murdering, thieving Barabbas to be set free over the gentle man who had preached a Gospel of love, both in action and in word.”

Of course, we know this was all part of the plan.  This fulfilled Prophecy.  (Psalm 118:22 and Acts 4:11)

I went on to write, “And as He carried His cross to the hill of Calvary, He was spat upon by the very people who had, just days before, laid palm branches on His path, calling “Hosannah!”  Their words were now  hateful and full of false accusations.  All this as He marched to His death, bearing not His own cross, but theirs, yours, MINE!”

The Epitome of Rejection

Perhaps the greatest “rejection” of all was when Jesus bore all the sin of the world.  As He hung there on that cross, weighted down with all my sin, all your sin, ALL sin, He cried out to His Father, “Eloi, Eloi, lema sabachthani?”  “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” (Mark 15:34, ESV).  Of course, God had not rejected Jesus, but He could not look upon His Son as Jesus became sin.  He became sin and was sacrificed so WE could be accepted into the Kingdom of God!

Oh!  My heart breaks at the thought of Jesus being separated from His Father, with whom He had always been, even if for a tiny thread in the fabric of time.  All that for ME!  And for YOU, beloved.

Facing the Giant

I have been shown that rejection is often part of our story.  Sure!  I might write my guts out, only to be rejected by every publisher I send my work to.  I might get letter after letter of rejection.  But what if that is just a lie?  What if it’s a scare tactic the enemy is using to keep me from doing the thing God has called me to do?

What if, in writing my story, ONE person’s struggling heart is rescued?  If I never write, I will never know.  But if I refuse to trust in what God tells me He will do through me, am I not rejecting Him?

I think it’s time to face my giant.  It’s time to trust in the One who called me to something more…because He has not rejected me.

So Worth the Cost

Jesus put on His earth suit more than 2000 years ago and came to live among us, leaving behind the comfort and safety of Heaven.  He did that, knowing full well that He would be rejected.  But He also knew there would be those who accepted Him.

It was those people – you and me – who gave Jesus the strength to keep walking the Via Dolorosa on that dark Friday.

Jesus chose to suffer that awful death on the cross because He already knew that we would be accepted as children of God through His sacrifice.  Beloved, Jesus knew we were so worth the cost!  In fact, He wrote His story to save us!

What If…?

So…although my little story is but a grain of sand in the desert or a drop of water in the ocean, God wants me to share it.  Maybe there is one person out there who needs to hear it so she (or he) can relate to the actual Author of my life.

So now, it’s time to take up my cross (or MacBook) and begin the journey I’ve been called to make.  Is there something you’ve been resisting out of fear?  Have you felt the sting of rejection from fellow humans?

Beloved friend, YOU ARE ACCEPTED!  You are LOVED!  Jesus thinks you are to die for!

And He’s the only One who matters!



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