Moving the Mailman into His Man Cave

February 19, 2017



{the evolution of the man cave}

According to traditional history books, man’s first dwelling was a cave. Or at least that’s the way I remember it. Of course, I could be confusing “history” with the TV shows of my childhood, Flintsones and Captain Caveman, but somewhere in time, men lived in caves. Right?

In the beginning?

And of course, Batman had the Bat Cave…

Na na na na na na na na! Batman!

(When I was little, I used to pretend to be married to Batman, but that’s a whole other story!)

Modern (non-superhero type) man now has…

The MAN CAVE! (This is NOT the mailman’s cave!)

When the mailman and I bought this house, almost 6 years ago, I promised him the garage as his dwelling. Unfortunately, that never happened because it quickly filled up with crap that had no other place.

One pile of crap away from an episode of Hoarders!

{mailman cave}

So, after five and a half years of working around “my” crap, the mailman now has his very own free-standing MAILMAN CAVE!!! (I wouldn’t be surprised to see a “No Girls Allowed!” sign hanging from it soon…but probably not until everything is moved in.)

Man Cave


This beautiful barn has been Todd’s dream since we moved here! Now that it’s complete, the time has come to move his stuff into it, something we have all looked forward to and dreaded at the same time. You see, we no longer own the TEEM Auto building in Knox City, and we (as in he) has to move his tools, workbenches, shelves, etc. from there to here. PLUS, there’s the crap from the garage AND his stuff from the hobby room. Of course, remember…I’m the one with all the crap everyone has to deal with, right?

So the move began Friday after the mailman finished his route…and will NEVER. END! When I got home from work Friday evening, this was what I found…

A little overwhelmed! He can’t figure out what to do next.

Emily and her boyfriend sacrificed their entire weekend together to help! His buddy, Randy, has been a tremendous help, too! Todd would have probably already worked himself to a nub if we hadn’t had all their help!

{where did we get all this STUFF?}

So, Saturday morning, Todd forced himself out of bed and headed to KC for load number one.

Now that’s a LOAD!

In a short time, the mailman and Josh had the trailer emptied and were headed back to get another load. I didn’t get a photo of that load, but trust me! It was a load!

They worked all day at it – moving stuff in and putting it away. I moved some tubs out of the hobby room, but I was really busy in the house most of the day.

Nothing else matters…

At the end of the day, the mailman (aka Grumps), got to catch up on his Langley time.

Safe in Grumps’s arms

{it ain’t over yet}

It’s now Sunday evening, and I can honestly say that we have made a dent in it! The hobby room is emptied of the mailman’s stuff, and the big stuff is out of the garage. Four of us spent the better part of the day moving and sorting through stuff, cleaning, and putting things away. We were blessed with a beautiful, overcast, springlike day. The Lord even blessed us by waiting until we had come in the house to send the rain.

I may never see the mailman again now that he has his cave. I feel certain he will be busy for a very long time organizing his stuff. Fortunately, though, I have my own work to do in the house and the garage. At last! I get my craft table back!

Btw…once we got the majority of Todd’s stuff out of the garage, it became evident that it wasn’t my crap we were all having to walk around!


The mailman gave me a lift!


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