Confessions of a Rainbow Unicorn

September 6, 2016




It thrills me to present to you, BOTH of my loyal blog followers, the Missylaneous Me website!  Although I have been sporadically blogging for a few years now, I recently decided to take the plunge and purchase a domain, my own little piece of the interweb!  You might say that I had previously rented my home as a blogspot, but decided to purchase it.  Now, I could have easily just bought an entirely new place, but I really liked this one.  Missylaneous Me was a great starter home for me, and there is lots of room for expansion.  Therefore, I wanted to keep the name of the blog.

After I bought the place, I did want spruce it up a bit.  You know, add some rooms (categories), paint the exterior (new theme), etc.  Lastly, I wanted to do a little landscaping for curb appeal (create a freaking amazing tagline that would make people take a second look at my blog).  I’ve pitched about half a gazillion ideas to my sweet man and my daughter in my desperate search for THE. PERFECT. TAGLINE, but to no avail…until this!  Lady and gentleman, I present to you the tagline of all taglines:  Confessions of a Rainbow Unicorn!

You might be asking, “Why would an almost-fifty-year-old woman refer to herself as a Rainbow Unicorn?”  My response is simple: because I am a unique, colorful, and mystical creature!  The rest of the story is that you are, too!  Both of you! LOL!

Disclaimer:  If you are hoping to read about a woman who’s got life all figured out and has her crap together, please exit this blog.  I’m a hot mess most of the time.  I have a lot of great days but also my share of yucky days.  I struggle with self-image, my faith, relationships, an eating disorder, and a plethora of other issues, but I love the life I live and try to laugh in the face of adversity.  I am a real woman, with real struggles, in the real world.

I have a real love/hate relationship with technology, especially social media.  I love how we can stay “connected” with people we don’t get to see very often.  What I don’t love, though, is how people can be so phony in their posts.  My daughter has nicknamed one social media site “Fakebook” because of that!  (Betcha can’t guess which one!)

Why does that bother me so much?  Because I believe that women (and more men than are willing to admit it) spend so much time comparing ourselves to others and then feeling unworthy or useless if we are not living the fairy tale our Fakebook friends live.  This Rainbow Unicorn says ENOUGH!  Some of those same friends who are posting photos of the “lovely flowers my sweet husband gave me for no reason at all” are the very friends whose marriages are struggling and their husband sent the flowers to apologize for a big screaming match the night before.  Now, I’m not saying they need to post that instead!  Airing their dirty laundry on social media does not help matters, either.  But for crying out loud, let’s just be REAL!!!

Life is difficult!  Walking in faith is hard!  Being a wife, a mother, a daughter, friend, caregiver for an aging parent, a (insert your occupation here), an aunt, a girlfriend…being a woman can be exhausting!  This blog is about BEING REAL!

I am a freaking Rainbow Unicorn!  I am a unique, multi-faceted, mystical creature!  It is time for you, my friends, to embrace your inner Rainbow Unicorn!  I hope you’ll join me on this adventure called life as I share with you my struggles and my triumphs, my fears and my joy, my tears and my laughter, my ignorance and my wisdom…my heart.

Rainbow Unicorns of the world, UNITE!!!



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