The Big 5-Oh! Fifty years of Missylaneous Me

November 3, 2016


The Big 5-oh! Well, this just happened… FIFTY! They say “it’s the new 30.”  Is it?  I think not.  Fifty is the new FABULOUS!  Fifty is its own brand of wonderful, and I am thrilled to begin this adventure! Fabulous Fifty What is so fabulous about fifty, anyway?  I remember a time in my life when…


The Big 5-oh!

Well, this just happened…


The Big 5-Ooooooh!

FIFTY! They say “it’s the new 30.”  Is it?  I think not.  Fifty is the new FABULOUS!  Fifty is its own brand of wonderful, and I am thrilled to begin this adventure!

Fabulous Fifty

What is so fabulous about fifty, anyway?  I remember a time in my life when I thought 50 was ancient!  My perception of this golden age has changed over the years, much like my vision is altered with the aid of my progressive trifocal lenses.  Fifty, it seems, is really not old at all as I once thought.  Instead, in many ways, my life is just beginning!

I became MINNIE just days before my birthday!  I’ve been on some amazing trips with people I love deeply and cherish dearly. I have an amazing family, wonderful friends, a terrific job, good health, and a God who thinks I’m captivating!  I am one blessed woman!


For more than a year, I have teased my family, as well as my friends, about how I wanted my surprise 50th birthday party to be at The Mill in Abilene.  The Mill is a lovely treasure tucked away in Abilene!  It is, as its name suggests, an old mill that has been renovated and transformed into a magnificent venue for just about any event one could imagine…including a surprise party!

abilene texas venues

The Mill is a Great Venue!

About a week prior to my big day, Emily informed me that she and Todd wanted to drive to Abilene to meet me at a Mexican restaurant that I love for dinner.  We discussed having my “surprise” party the weekend after my birthday since it was short notice for inviting friends.

Plans changed closer to the 27th, with Emily telling me they would meet me at The Mill instead because it was steak night, and I loved the place.  I was quite oblivious (as is my usual state of mind) to anything suspicious.  I had told my friends at work that Em would be contacting them about meeting on the weekend of November 4th, so I was not expecting a thing.

I’m sure you can guess, there was a little more waiting for me than a quiet dinner with Todd and Emily when I arrived!  As I entered the courtyard where the silos stand, I saw those two sitting there, balloons and flowers decorating the silo.  But as I came closer, there sat Jamie, Jennifer, and April!  You could’ve knocked me over with a feather!

fifty surprise

OMG! It really was a SURPRISE!

great friends

My Buddies and Me!

Sweet Blessings

The six of us enjoyed great conversation, live music, sipping a little wine, and dining on delicious steaks.  It was such a great evening!  It was a bit unseasonably warm, but otherwise perfect!

We saw many friends who had also come to enjoy the evening, and in retrospect, wish we had invited them to join us in our silo.  We even made some new friends!  I wish we had taken photos of them, too.

Emily had ordered this AWESOME cake for the occasion!

bright fifty

“May 50 Be Bright & Beautiful, Missy”

When she told the lady at Market Street what she wanted, she was asked what she wanted the cake to say.  “How old is she?” the lady had asked.  “Fifty,” Emily replied.  The lady reluctantly said, “Ummm…well good for her!”

Ironically, we forgot all about the cake until just after my three friends had left.  Because we could not let a perfectly amazing cake go to waste, we hurriedly lit ALL 50 CANDLES (sparkly ones, of course) and everyone around us chimed in to sing Happy Birthday to me!  I was even able to blow out all the candles before the Abilene Fire Department was called!  It was splendid!

fifty candles

Fifty Candles

blow it out

The Silo is on FIRE!!!

all out

I Might’ve Spit on the Cake a Bit

fifty melted candles

Who Wants the Wax Corner?

We shared the delicious rainbow unicorn cake with anyone around us who wanted a piece, leaving the piece with the pile of wax for any soul brave enough to scrape it off.  After mingling for a bit, we gathered our things and headed home with smiles on our faces and great new memories in our hearts.

Looking Forward

After reaching this milestone of breathing in and out for a half a century, I can only imagine what the next chapter of my life holds!  Growing old really doesn’t scare me a bit.  I’m actually embracing it and look forward to this next adventure.  What scares me is the thought of growing complacent, weary, bitter, angry, or just plain bored.

I want to live my life to its absolute fullest!  My desire is to live the remainder of my life so that, when I die, anyone who knew me well will reflect on my life and say, “She really knew how to LIVE!”


Click here to learn more about The Mill.



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