Minnie’s my name! Loving grandlittles is my game!



I’ve been living on this planet for more than 50 years, but I came alive in a way I never thought possible in October of 2016 when I laid eyes on my first grandchild.  Being a momma was amazing, but this Minnie gig…oh, my!

The Bible calls grandchildren our “crowning glory” in Proverbs 17:6.  I’ve also heard them called our “reward for not killing our kids.”  (That didn’t come from the Bible, though.)

Our grandlittles give us a reason to be silly again. They teach us to slow down and pay attention to tiny details. Grandchildren remind us that life is short so we should eat some ice cream.

This space is a fun one filled with tales of mermaids and dinosaurs, astronauts and ballerinas, tea parties and dragon slaying.  This space is for anyone who desires to speak truth and blessings into the heart of special little people in their life.

You GROW, Girl! Jumping for Joy and Growing in Faith

Watching littles grow into the people they were designed to be is so much fun! We are a lot like a child when we first accept Christ but, just like those little children, we are supposed to grow spiritually and emotionally! Don’t get stuck in a rut! You GROW, girl!

Conversations with an Angel – Getting Acquainted with My Little Langley

Conversations with an Angel… I have had the tremendous blessing of conversing with an angel over the past four days.  There is no denying that the little doll who landed in our lives 6 days ago came straight from Heaven.  Looking into her face is like sneaking a glimpse into the glory of God! I am completely…

For the Love of October! The Very Best Month of the Year


There is just so much to love about the month of October! I hope you enjoy this reflection of the countdown until the day I first became a grandmother!

Minnie – Because “Grandmother” is for Old Ladies


Grandmother Names… My grandkids will call me “Minnie.”  “Grandmother” is for old ladies, plus it’s way too formal.  (I apologize in advance to any Grandmother out there who I may have offended!  It’s a lovely name, but just not me!) As weird as it may seem (I guess it would seem weirder if we were…