My New Bible – A New Vessel for a Timeless Treasure

January 14, 2017



{my new bible}

My new Bible arrived in the mail yesterday!  I ordered it a couple of weeks ago, after a long search for just the “right” one.  After extensive research to determine which version to purchase, I felt confident that THIS was the one! (It helped that Beth Moore recommended it!)


My New Bible

ESV Hebrew-Greek Key Word Study Bible

{unfamiliar territory}

I couldn’t wait to open the package and explore the pages of this new Treasure! This is actually the third Bible I’ve purchased/received since the trusty NIV Study Bible Todd and the kids gave me for my 30th birthday.  I have to say, though, new Bibles intimidate me. Although my 20-year-old NIV is nowhere near as worn as it should be, it is familiar to me.


My trusty NIV Bible

Its weight in my lap is familiar.  I have highlighted and written on its delicate, yet powerful pages.  I know exactly where to locate the pages accidentally ripped with the ribbon bookmark (skillfully Scotch taped back in, I might add).


Bible Pages

That Bible I KNOW …but do I truly know God’s Word?

{first step}

This morning, as I cracked the spine of this beautiful, new Book, I did so with a prayer.  A prayer for a deeper understanding of God’s Word.  A prayer for an unquenchable longing deep down in the pit of my very soul – to know HIM more; to be second to Him.  A prayer to draw so near to my Jesus that, when people look at me, they see only HIM.

{getting to know you}

I’m ready.  Ready to familiarize myself with the very intimidating format of this new Bible.  As I begin, I pray this prayer…

Holy Spirit, I invite you to guide me in this.  Prevent me from seeing the more advanced markings and references that might interfere with my absorption of Your Word, but reveal them to me as I am ready.

Jesus, meet me here, in this place, as I open the pages of Your living, breathing Word.  Speak to me through it and penetrate my soul.

I surrender myself to You.  I am Yours.

With all my heart, all my mind, all my body, and all my spirit.  Your beloved daughter,


{what next?}

Stay tuned as I begin to sort through the multitude of studies, journals, and self-help books I’ve started.  I’ll be developing a strategy for finishing each of them – one by one.

Where do I begin?

Click here to learn more about the ESV Hebrew-Greek Key Word Study Bible.


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